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@article{ Gilbert2023,
 title = {Real Team Reasoning},
 author = {Gilbert, Margaret},
 journal = {Historical Social Research},
 number = {3},
 pages = {40-55},
 volume = {48},
 year = {2023},
 issn = {0172-6404},
 doi = {},
 abstract = {This paper focuses on a kind of reasoning in which the members of a group with a goal of its own may engage, herein referred to as "real team reasoning." Starting with four challenging observations on what is, and is not, involved in acting together towards a group or collective goal, an account of a collective goal that accords with these observations is offered. This account appeals to a joint commitment of the parties, understood as is explained. Several virtues of the account are noted, and it is defended against a methodological objection privileging theoretical parsimony by reference in part to the need to invoke joint commitment in other contexts.},