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%T Linking school improvement with a better qualification for teachers. The need for change in the Spanish educational system
%A Latorre-Medina, María José
%A Blanco Encomienda, Francisco Javier
%A Fernández Maqueira, María José
%P 12
%D 2022
%K educational system; innovation; teacher; teaching renovation; school improvement
%@ 1556-5068
%X We have a system that is unable to keep students excited about their own learning and
educational performance. In light of this situation it is the responsibility of educators to make
a broad and global reflection on what must be changed and how this change may be managed. We believe that change is possible and there is no objective more necessary for society than investing in its future project. This paper proposes an exhaustive analysis of the current situation of the secondary school teachers and from there on justifies the change through the teaching practice based on innovation and with a better training in pedagogical and didactical issues.
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%9 Konferenzbeitrag
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