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@article{ Naungayan2022,
 title = {Attitude towards Mathematics and Mathematics Achievement of Secondary School Learners in Banayoyo-Lidlidda District},
 author = {Naungayan, Regie R.},
 journal = {Puissant},
 pages = {395-407},
 volume = {3},
 year = {2022},
 issn = {2719-0153},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {The study aimed to assess and find the relationship between the attitude of high school students towards mathematics and their level of achievement in the subject. It made use of the descriptive correlation design with a validated questionnaire and documentary analysis as its main data gathering tool. Gathered data were analyzed and interpreted using weighted mean, and Pearson r. The attitude towards mathematics as reflected by the responses of the students was described as positive. Moreover, the mathematics achievement of the students is approaching proficiency level. Results revealed that a student's attitude towards the subject is related to their performance in the subject. Studies related to the subject matter may be conducted to testify to the results of this current study. Additional variables may be included to enhance the scope.},
 keywords = {Sekundarbereich; secondary education; Mathematikunterricht; mathematics instruction; Einstellung; attitude; Schulleistung; academic achievement; Philippinen; Philippines; Südostasien; Southeast Asia}}