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@article{ Kankam-Kwarteng2021,
 title = {Marketing performance of service firms: Recognizing market sensing capability and customer interaction orientation},
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 abstract = {Purpose: This study examines the effect of market sensing and interaction orientation capabilities on the marketing performance of service based firms in Ghana. The study particularly explored the moderation effect of interaction orientation capability on the relationship between market sensing and firm performance of the service firms.
Methods: This study adopted the survey approach focusing on a convenient sample of 200 employees of service firms. The hierarchical multiple regression analysis was used to establish the relationship between the variables of interest.
Results: the study revealed that market sensing capability and interaction orientation significantly account for variations in the marketing performance of the service businesses. Furthermore, the findings showed that the interaction of market sensing and interaction orientation capabilities is vital for extracting a higher marketing.
Implications: The research target of service firms limits the generalizability of the findings since the participants were not proportionally participated. In addition to insights on how marketing sensing and interaction orientation should fit the realization of marketing performance, the research offers other ideas to enhance measurement of marketing performance based on customer profits and customer relations.},
 keywords = {Dienstleistungsunternehmen; service enterprise; Kundenorientierung; customer orientation; Marketing; marketing; Ghana; Ghana; Westafrika; West Africa}}