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@incollection{ Shibuya2021,
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 abstract = {This study explores how Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have leveraged civic data to facilitate democratic participatory structure for sustainability transitions around the case of bicycle counters in three US cities over a ten-year period (Seattle, San Francisco, Portland). We identified that CSOs have played crucial roles in public discourse by (1) sustaining long-term public issues through shaping affective as well as analytical discourses and (2) fostering citizens’ sense of ownership and contributions toward sensor devices and the data they generate by contextualizing them through local civic life as well as connecting issues to actors in other cities.},
 keywords = {nachhaltige Entwicklung; sustainable development; Zivilgesellschaft; civil society; politische Partizipation; political participation; Bürgerbeteiligung; citizens' participation; Soziale Medien; social media; Diskurs; discourse; USA; United States of America}}