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@incollection{ Höhl2021,
 title = {Ambiguity in Utopian XR-Games: Basic Principles for the Design of Virtual Worlds},
 author = {Höhl, Wolfgang},
 year = {2021},
 booktitle = {XR - Society - Utopia},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {Utopian images in XR-games are often ambiguous. How can ambiguity be consciously designed in virtual worlds? What are the design principles for game designers? Ambiguity arises from discontinuity and decontextualization, from the deliberate omission of facts, and from the skillful superimposition of contradictory codes. An ontology of interactive media explains the elusive visual poetry and image perception. The five basic elements of media are presented. The model shows the key correlations of user, content, and technology in image perception. An overview of utopian representation as a cross-media phenomenon places game design in an interdisciplinary context. Six selected computer-generated illustrations show how the above design criteria can be successfully applied to the design of virtual worlds. The ambiguous utopia of an image exists only in a brief, irretrievable moment of our own perception. But this moment is valuable for designing real visions for a better future.},
 keywords = {Computerspiel; computer game; virtuelle Realität; virtual reality; Utopie; utopia; Bild; picture}}