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@book{ May2021,
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 abstract = {This document provides information on how to work with the data of the 'ONBound - Old and New Boundaries: National Identities and Religion' project. It outlines the project's starting point, the data harmonization procedures, the harmonization repository, the ONBound Harmonization Wizard, and most importantly, guides through the steps and procedures needed to compile a customized ONBound dataset. Chapter One of this user guide informs about citations for ONBound data and metadata. Chapter Two gives an overview of the available variables and the original datasets that were included. It also introduces our harmonization strategies. Chapter Three introduces the ONBound Harmonization Wizard. Finally, chapter four provides a step-by-step guide for the application of the ONBound harmonization routines.},
 keywords = {statistical analysis; Codierung; statistische Analyse; Datengewinnung; religiöse Faktoren; Datendokumentation; identity; Harmonisierung; data preparation; coding; Identität; harmonization; religious factors; nationale Identität; comparative research; data capture; vergleichende Forschung; data documentation; Datenaufbereitung; national identity}}