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@article{ Pacek2020,
 title = {Polish Migration Policy in the Context of the Migration Crisis},
 author = {Pacek, Małgorzata},
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 volume = {24/2020},
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 abstract = {The migration crisis of 2015 has left its mark on many EU countries. Some, such as Greece or Spain, were countries on the front line. Others, namely Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden became destination countries for many newcomers. Some, like the countries of the Visegrad Group, opposed the actions and decisions of the EU made in the face of the crisis. European solidarity has become a big question mark and we can observe a serious upsetting of the whole integration project which is, of course, up for discussion. This state of affairs consisted of the attitudes towards the crises of such countries as Poland or Hungary, where anti-mmigration and populist parties came to power, creating a vision of flexible solidarity on the European political scene. The purpose of this article is to analyse the Polish migration policy, show the direction of the changes in its construction along with the change of government and the societal reaction to strangers, as a direct result of actions taken by the ruling parties. It is mportant to understand the political, economic and social context of the changes occurring in the social consciousness and to attempt to formulate a forecast for the future.},
 keywords = {Polen; Poland; Migrationspolitik; migration policy; Flüchtling; refugee; Integrationspolitik; integration policy}}