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@incollection{ Selart2020,
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 abstract = {The theme of this entry is how ethical decisionmaking is influenced by leadership stress. From a traditional point of view, stress is seen as a potential threat to leaders’ ethical decisions (Selart and Johansen 2011). There is substantial evidence suggesting that stress has a negative impact on leaders’ cognition and information processing, leading to errors and biases in their decisionmaking. However, it must be pointed out that in many types of professions (e.g., chief pilots, chief surgeons, and chief fire officers) leaders are more or less bound to develop advanced levels of stresstolerance in order to function ethically. This implies that stress does not always have to result in unethical decisions among leaders (Klein 1996).
The structure of this entry is organized such that its first part is devoted to clarification of the
relationship between ethical decision-making and leadership, while the second part is focused on how stress adds to this relationship.},
 keywords = {Entscheidungsfindung; decision making; Stress; psychophysical stress; Führung; leadership; internationale Organisation; international organization; Wirtschaftsethik; business ethics}}