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@article{ Wirth2020,
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 abstract = {This study offers an explanation for Beijing's seemingly self-defeating approach to the South China Sea that distances China ever more from the regional and international communities which it wants to lead and join while drawing in the foreign military presence that it seeks to keep at a distance. Combining recent research on the role of emotions and on hierarchy in international politics, this article shows how the powerful narrative of national 'humiliation' and 'rejuvenation' has informed Chinese maritime politics. As the South China Sea became incorporated in the linear timeline of China's 5000 year civilizational history, the US' and its allies' push-back against Beijing's territorial claims deepened China's ideational isolation. The ensuing state of solipsism increases the risk of violent confrontations.},
 keywords = {politischer Konflikt; political conflict; China; China; USA; United States of America; internationaler Konflikt; international conflict; Konfliktverhalten; conflict behavior; Rolle; role; internationales System; international system; Hierarchie; hierarchy; Emotionalität; emotionality; historische Entwicklung; historical development; Außenpolitik; foreign policy; Geopolitik; geopolitics}}