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@article{ Alikhani2020,
 title = {Processes of the State and Habitus Formation in Iran in the 19th and early 20th Centuries: The Socio- and Psychogenesis of the Constitutional Revolution in 1906},
 author = {Alikhani, Behrouz},
 journal = {Historical Social Research},
 number = {1},
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 volume = {45},
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 abstract = {Processes of state building in Iran have been accompanied by various breaches and discontinuities with consequences for the formation of the social habitus of a great number of Iranians. A proper understanding of the Constitutional Revolution in Iran in 1906 is only possible by the introduction of a relatively long-term perspective on such processes. In this paper, the extensive historiography on the time around the Constitutional Revolution in 1906 will be integrated in a process sociological framework to provide a broader and a more reality-congruent picture of this very important phase of the development of the Iranian state, society, and social habitus. Such a study not only serves to understand the processes of habitus and collective identity formation of a great number of Iranians in the 19th and early 20th century, but also could contribute to a better understanding of the complex present political and social development of this country.},
 keywords = {20. Jahrhundert; Elias, N.; Elias, N.; state formation; historische Entwicklung; Transition; Identitätsbildung; historiography; historical development; habits; revolution; Geschichtsschreibung; political development; Iran; 19. Jahrhundert; Habitus; Iran; Revolution; identity formation; politische Entwicklung; transition; national consciousness; Nationalbewusstsein; Staatenbildung; twentieth century; nineteenth century}}