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@article{ Demertzis2020,
 title = {Greek Nationalism as a Case of Political Religion: Rituals and Sentimentality},
 author = {Demertzis, Nicolas and Stratoudaki, Hara},
 journal = {Historical Social Research},
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 volume = {45},
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 issn = {0172-6404},
 doi = {},
 abstract = {In this paper, we will refer to the historical vicissitudes of the Greek national character since the 19th century signposting two main versions: an antinomic but no less unified national character characterized by internal contrasts vis-à-vis the alleged uni-dimensional canon of western rationality, on the one hand, and a clash of national habitus into two opposite national identities – two modal characters – on the other. Further on, we shall discuss the role of national symbols such as the flag and parades as emotional constituents of nationalism as political religion conferring fragile legitimacy to the state as long as their meaning is under negotiation.},
 keywords = {19. Jahrhundert; Moderne; historische Entwicklung; Ritual; Nation; political crisis; self-determination; EU-Staat; ritual; Selbstbestimmung; nationalism; historical development; Griechenland; EU-Beitritt; joining the European Union; nationale Identität; EU member state; politische Krise; Greece; Nationalismus; modernity; nineteenth century; nation; national identity}}