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@article{ Weipert-Fenner2018,
 title = {Unemployed mobilisation in times of democratisation: the Union of Unemployed Graduates in post-Ben Ali Tunisia},
 author = {Weipert-Fenner, Irene},
 journal = {The Journal of North African Studies},
 pages = {1-23},
 year = {2018},
 issn = {1743-9345},
 doi = {},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {The Union of Unemployed Graduates (UDC) is the only organisation of unemployed individuals in Tunisia that operates nation-wide. Though it grew in membership and outreach after 2011, it has failed to develop into a key actor for the increasingly mobilised unemployed, who do not join or build formal organisations. The latter reject co-operation because they perceive the UDC to be weak and 'politicized'. The article examines this assessment using interviews and focus groups conducted during extensive fieldwork and Facebook posts made by the unemployed union. An analysis of UDC's internal dynamics and of the precautions it takes to remain autonomous from societal and political actors only partially supports this accusation. Instead, fragmentation is better explained by state responses that reward isolated protesters with limited demands rather than negotiating with actors in organisations to reach sustainable solutions.},
 keywords = {Protest; union movement; political movement; field research; Arbeitslosigkeit; interview; Tunisia; Arab countries; mobilization; Tunesien; Interview; Feldforschung; Mobilisierung; politische Bewegung; protest; Jugend; Nordafrika; Gewerkschaftsbewegung; arabische Länder; unemployment; North Africa; youth}}