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%T Inequalities of Professional Learning on Social Media Platforms
%A Bergviken Rensfeldt, Annika
%A Hillman, Thomas
%P 9
%D 2019
%K professional learning inequalities; social media platforms; Weizenbaum-Institut; Weizenbaum Institute
%X Professional learning on social media is generally framed as unproblematic, but the transition to these platforms marks a change as professionals’ work is conditioned by their logic and economy. In this paper, our focus is how problematic inequalities of teachers’ professional learning around access, participation and resources are produced as their professional exchanges is formed by social media participation. Three aspects of inequality have been examined. First, the performance of teachers’ (un)equal professional opportunities; second, (un)equal access to resources; and third, (un)equal existential opportunities for professional development. We draw on examination of three-years of API data from a large teacher Facebook-group asking, who can participate (gender, location), what voices are heard (status, language), and how does the social media platform condition professional exchange and participation? Our results consider the opportunities and costs for teachers as individuals, professionals and intellectuals. They reveal problematic temporal aspects such as work intensification, and limited professional exchange, partly conditioned by the platform functionality.
%C Berlin
%G en
%9 Konferenzbeitrag
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