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%T E-government and smart cities: theoretical reflections and case studies
%A Walravens, Nils
%A Mechant, Peter
%J Media and Communication
%N 4
%P 119-122
%V 6
%D 2018
%@ 2183-2439
%U https://www.cogitatiopress.com/mediaandcommunication/article/view/1848
%X This editorial introduces the thematic issue on "E-Government and Smart Cities: Theoretical Reflections and Case Studies" and presents five articles and one commentary related to e-government and smart cities. All contributions take a use-case driven research approach to investigate, discuss and comment (on) overarching themes such as data, governance and participation which are inherently linked to the concepts of e-government and smart cities.
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%9 Zeitschriftenartikel
%W GESIS - http://www.gesis.org
%~ SSOAR - http://www.ssoar.info