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@article{ Koroutchev2018,
 title = {The analysis of immigration trends of skilled migrants: case of Georgia},
 author = {Koroutchev, Rossen and Iashvili, Ia},
 journal = {Journal of Liberty and International Affairs},
 number = {1},
 pages = {9-27},
 volume = {4},
 year = {2018},
 issn = {1857-9760},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {In this paper we investigate several aspects of the contemporary immigration in post-Soviet Georgia by analyzing some recent trends related to the migration phenomena in the country. Our results are based on an extensive field work with two main groups - one, with skilled foreign immigrants in Georgia, and the other, with return Georgian emigrants, both covering all of the country’s territory. Finally, we discuss the return migration and the existing programs of voluntary return between Georgia and other countries, as well as the opportunities for professional realization in the country of the Georgian returnees and the foreign immigrants.},