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%T Dual Spacization of Cultures: Problematization of Cyberspace and Cultural Matters
%A Ameli, Saied Reza
%J Journal of Cyberspace Studies
%N 1
%P 1-18
%V 1
%D 2017
%K dual spacization; virtual capacity; internet challenges; cyberspace
%@ 2538-6255
%X This paper examines the problematization of cultural issues related to the dual spacization of life. The emergence of the second space of life over the first place of life combining local and translocal, national and transnational capacities and challenges. We discuss the capacities and opportunities occurring through the instant communication industry which made the spontaneous connection between absence and presence possible which overcome the domination of place and distance. We will also elaborate on the challenges and threats facing cultures because of access to other cultures, subcultures and individuals around the world without having enough time for nurturing the relationship between inner cultures and outer cultures as well as facing many abnormalities, distancing from genuine culture and natural communications.
%G en
%9 journal article
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