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%T An analitical extended book review - S. Frunză: advertising constructs reality (2014)
%A Teodorescu, Mirela
%A Vlăduţescu, Ştefan
%J International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences
%N 47
%P 98-106
%D 2015
%K Fetischismus
%@ 2300-2697
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-57508-7
%X As communication axis, communication philosophy interrogates the idea that in postmodern society communication constructs reality. The philosopher is called to achieve a new synthesis, between philosophy and media communication, to assume the condition of man of media communication. Media has a decisive influence in relation to the constitution of reality in post-modern consciousness. Communication is related to relationships, to construct interhuman relationships, changing the attitudes of the other, decisions or behavior of others, the perceptions of reality and action according to the requirements of this perception. Secularization as a positive value of modernity does not eliminate the presence of the sacred in modern political imaginary also from communication. Advertising is by exellence the bearer of a deep dimension of reality construction as art of seduction, persuasion, communication. "Advertising constructs reality", professor Sandu Frunza’s book, published in 2014 by Tritonic Publishing, Bucharest, represents a high level analisys and point out the "reality construction" through advertising as a communication mean of regaining authenticity. Storing an imaginary universe, which allows for the sacred to be manifest in the life of postmodern man, advertising supports the human being in its self-quest through reaching harmony with the surrounding things, with other people and with the world. Advertising is not a new form of religion, even though several of its aspects could be said to be displaying religious dimensions. "We can, says Sandu Frunza, however, state generically that advertising ultimately lodges posmodern man's religious creativity. In this way, advertising does not propose to challenge or oppose in any fashion the traditional religious patterns of interpreting and living within our world. Instead, it supplies a complementary authenticity, one matching man's status in a communication-based society". Advertising offers an alternative view on the world, man and man’s own choice to act coherently upon this view.
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