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@article{ Faraoanu2016,
 title = {The day of the son of man and its anticipation (Luke 17:26-30)},
 author = {Faraoanu, Iulian},
 journal = {International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences},
 number = {67},
 pages = {1-10},
 year = {2016},
 issn = {2300-2697},
 doi = {},
 abstract = {The aim of this paper is to focus on the biblical images in the text Luke 17:26-30. The verses Luke 17:26-30 describe the coming of the day of the Lord and the manner of waiting such a day. The evangelist offers an example of lack of preparation for the return of Christ, the Son of Man. The members of the lukan communities have a lot of the activities without connection to the spiritual life. First, Luke intends to condemn an immanent vision on life. Secondly, comes the lack of concern for the kingdom of God. The comparison with the days of Noah and Lot has exhortative function, inviting the members of Luke's community to focus their look and attention on the divine realities. In the conclusion, the delay of the Parousia should not lead to a life limited to the earthly activities, thus forgetting about God. The anticipation of Christ return must be alive, while being aware that the Lord may arrive at any moment, and His coming should find people prepared for it.},
 keywords = {Bibel; bible; Religion; religion}}