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@article{ Aliyu2017,
 title = {The Role of Academics in the Attainment of National Integration in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and The Wayforwad},
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 abstract = {This presentation is a review of the roles of Nigerian academics in relation to national integration. At the background is the perception of the troubling times in Nigeria occasioned by socio-economic and political turmoil. It is thus premise that, academics in higher institutions of learning have been an integral part of nation integration drives and attempts in Africa and Nigeria in particular. However, it is noted with greater concern such the momentous of the academics to critically participate in the drive for national integration especially in this crucial time of Nigeria’s national development have been subdued by serious political and administrative mismanagements in the nations and the contagious effectives such have on the ivory towers. This ugly development has depleted the quality and quantity of the academics, often reducing its impact to campuses. Secondary data were used to described and justify this revelations. The presentation holds that the academics world over and in Nigeria with significance motivation and improved and robust working environment remains the government best bet to institutionalizing and sustaining national integration.},
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