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@article{ Onaka2017,
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 abstract = {This paper clarifies the importance of discussing community transformation in Asian societies. Since the definition of “communities” by McIver, this term has contained a meaning of “chamber of secrets.” I criticize this notion of communities shown in Community Studies through a bibliographical and terminological consideration. I also introduce basic differences of concepts of communities between Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe as a background. Based on this criticism, it introduces five articles that overcome the previous understanding of communities in Asian societies.},
 keywords = {Gesellschaftstheorie; soziale Entwicklung; Europe; Südostasien; social stability; international comparison; Asia; Gesellschaftsordnung; soziale Stabilität; sozialer Wandel; social structure; Europa; internationaler Vergleich; social research; Asien; Sozialforschung; Southeast Asia; social change; theory of society}}