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%T Proposal for best practice guidelines on chemical exposure risk for nurses of a chemotherapy unit
%A Borges, Giselle Gomes
%A Silvino, Zenith Rosa
%A Santos, Lia Cristina Galvão dos
%J Revista de Pesquisa: Cuidado é Fundamental Online
%N 4
%P 3506-3515
%V 7
%D 2015
%@ 2175-5361
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-54108-4
%X Objective: to implement best practices guidelines for minimizing chemical exposure risk of nurses in a chemotherapy unit (CTU) using the knowledge, attitudes and practices survey (KAP). Method: quantitative, descriptive KAP survey-type study. Results: 26 participants (96,2%) considered themselves vulnerable to chemical risk. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) was considered a precaution for safe handling of antineoplastic drugs by 76,9% of the participants. Regarding care provided by the institute to those who handled antineoplastic drugs, 53,8% cited periodical health exams. Conclusion: Professionals who worked in the CTU were aware and considered themselves exposed to chemical risk. Interventions are needed to increase the adherence to preventive measures such as the use of PPE and the implementation of strategic infrastructure for workers' safety. Best practice guidelines will help nurses minimize chemical exposure risk.
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