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@article{ Morais2016,
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 abstract = {Objective: The study aimed to analyze the welfare protection actions carried out to children and teenagers
in situations of violence. Method: It’s a quantitative study conducted in the municipality of Jequié, Bahia,
with the collaboration of 29 professionals from The Guardianship Council, The Welfare Reference Center,
Women’s Police Station and four units of Family Health. The data were collected in 2012 through semistructured
interview. A thematic content analysis was used for data processing. Results: The results showed
two categories: prevention and educational campaigns where guidance and management of situations of
violence, highlighting that the reporting of cases of violence is still not prioritized. Conclusion: Despite the
actions taken by each service are complementary, professionals still do not carry out the networking. We
emphasize the need for training of professional care services to develop more effective and coordinated
interventions to face up the violence against children and adolescents.},
 keywords = {social work; Sozialarbeit; adolescent; child protection; Brazil; violence; Gewalt; Jugendlicher; Kind; child; Südamerika; South America; Kinderschutz; Jugendhilfe; Brasilien; youth welfare}}