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@article{ Bega2017,
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 abstract = {Objective: To know women’s health behavior and their reason to seek for care in an emergency service.
Methods: Descriptive, exploratory and qualitative study done with 18 women who were attended in a
municipal emergency unit in the northwest of Paraná. These data were collected in November of 2015 with
a semi-structured interview and subjected to content analysis, in thematic modality. Results: Two empirical
categories were identified: “Women behaviors before health complications” shows that the initial conduct of
women in situations of illness is self-medication and postponement to seek health services; and “reasons to seek
emergency care service”, which shows that the demand for this level of service is driven by the perception of
better resolution, effectiveness and agility, as well as proximity to home. Conclusion: It is common for women
to delay seeking treatment because of gender-related responsibilities, and when they do it, they prefer to choose
more resolute services.},
 keywords = {Frau; woman; Gesundheitsverhalten; health behavior; Gesundheitsversorgung; health care; ambulante Versorgung; outpatient care; Nachfrage; demand; Gesundheitsdienst; public health services; Professionalisierung; professionalization; Brasilien; Brazil; Südamerika; South America}}