@article{ Musil1996,
 title = {Ernest Gellner - A Great European : In Memoriam Professor Ernest Gellner},
 author = {Musil, Jiri},
 journal = {Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review},
 number = {1},
 pages = {97-99},
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 year = {1996},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {The 20th-century sociologist Ernest Gellner is eulogized. Gellner's intellectual background is traced through his studies in philosophy & economics, & the influence of the work of Karl Popper on his career is considered. It is proposed that Popper's critical rationalism & anthropological functionalism were an important foundation for Gellner & his intellectual thought. Gellner believed that science was the most reliable system to understand the human race; his fundamental philosophy was a strong devotion to empiricism that would allow for boundless progress.},