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@article{ Thaller1987,
 title = {Clio - ein datenbankorientiertes System für die historischen Wissenschaften: Fortschreibungsbericht},
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 abstract = {Since 1978 the Max-Planck-Institut für Geschichte is engaged in the development of data
base oriented software, tailored specifically to applications in historical research. The system has been designed to be userfriendly and applicable to realistic amounts of data, instead of small sets of test material. It offers: complex input formats, information retrieval, report generation, the preparation of statistical data sets, nominative record linkage, complex merging operations and full-text retrieval capabilities. As a consequence of these developments, the need for a specific data model for historical applications of data processing is postulated.},
 keywords = {statistical analysis; historical social research; statistische Analyse; historische Sozialforschung; Software; software}}