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@article{ Hall1989,
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 doi = {},
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 abstract = {Several countries are planning a data-archive facility
for historical datasets. In the archives the data will be
extensively documented. A standardized way of describing
the machine readable datasets will facilitate the exchange
of information. The Standard Study Description Scheme
used at the long existing social science data-archives is - in
unaltered form - not applicable to historical datasets.
There are many similarities between social scientific datasets
and historical datasets. It is useful for historians to use
a documentation standard that can be exchanged with the
standards in use at social science data-archives. At the same
time the specific demands of the historical datasets should
be taken into consideration.},
 keywords = {Dokumentationssystem; science of history; documentation system; information system; Geschichtswissenschaft; data; Daten; data collection method; Informationssystem; Erhebungsmethode}}