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@article{ Wodrig2016,
 title = {Talking past each other: regional and domestic resistance in the Burundian intervention scene},
 author = {Wodrig, Stefanie and Grauvogel, Julia},
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 abstract = {Peacebuilding attempts invoke a considerable amount of friction. In this article we argue that these frictional encounters can be made visible by focusing on articulations of resistance voiced by different actors in the intervention scene, including national elites and interveners. Departing from the discussion of the regionally led facilitation in Burundi, we show that the respective national elites and African interveners referred to different scales in order to legitimise their resistance: the Great Lakes Peace Initiative for Burundi resisted sedimented continental practices as well as international attempts to impose their conceptions of peace, whereas the Burundian elites repeatedly rejected regionally sponsored 'solutions' with reference to the domestic situation. Drawing on interviews with and statements by diverse national and regional forces, we show how claims to resist were articulated with respect to different spatial reference points and thereby explore how regional and domestic actors talked past each other.},
 keywords = {Burundi; Burundi; Friedensprozess; peace process; Friedenssicherung; peacekeeping; Intervention; intervention; Afrika; Africa}}