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%T Kriegszerstörungen 1939-1945 in Städten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Inhalt und Probleme bei der Erstellung einer thematischen Karte (mit farbiger Kartenbeilage)
%A Bode, Volker
%J Europa Regional
%N 3
%P 9-20
%V 3
%D 1995
%K Themakarte; Zerstörung; Kriegsschaden
%@ 0943-7142
%~ IfL
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-48554-2
%X The result of this contribution is a map of the
Federal Republic of Germany on a scale of 1:2
500 000, depicting the extent of the devastation
of large cities and large and smaller towns
during the Second World War. The two main
statements are the cartographic depiction of the
balance of devastation in the cities on the basis
of the proportion of flats which were completely
destroyed in relation to the number of flats existing
in 1939, as well as the destruction of the
inner cities. Particularly inner cities were repeatedly
subjected to allied attacks. Cities such as
Essen, Dresden, Dortmund, Cologne and Frankfurt
am Main were particularly badly hit. Their
city centres were almost completely destroyed.
The map ‘War Devastation In the Years 1939-
1945 In the Cities Of the Federal Republic of
Germany’ clearly shows the main regions of
devastation. In this way, it was possible to demonstrate
the severe damage in the Western
German port cities, the zone along the Western
border and along the river Oder, as well as the
Magdeburg-Dessau region and the city triangle
of Plauen-Chemnitz-Dresden. North Rhine Westphalia
suffered the most severe damage. An
additional map therefore shows in an exemplary
fashion the extent of the war devastation in
the Ruhrgebiet polycentric conurbation. On the
basis of the quantity of rubble, a further map
depicts a comparative balance of devastation in
the main cities. Within the framework of this
map, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and Cologne
have the highest registered values. The short
history of air raids targeting German cities, which
mainly takes account of the allied major operations,
serves to allocate the war devastation
according to date and region.
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