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@article{ Grimm1996,
 title = {Diskrepanzen und Verbundenheiten zwischen den deutschen, polnischen und tschechischen Grenzregionen an der Lausitzer Neiße ("Euroregion Neiße")},
 author = {Grimm, Frank-Dieter},
 journal = {Europa Regional},
 number = {1},
 pages = {1-14},
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 year = {1996},
 issn = {0943-7142},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {The term "Euro-Region Neisse" is misleading to the extent that it suggests that a common region currently exists or that it will be realised in the near future. In fact, three separate border regions exist in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. These are preferably orientated towards their respective national territories. They exhibit considerable differences in their historical background, the language and nationality of the inhabitants, the standards of living and with regards to the demographic structures. Longterm derivative effects resulted from the expulsion of the Germans and the resettlement of Lower Silesia and North Bohemia with Polish and Czech immigrants. An additional barrier effect is caused by the role of the eastern German border as the outer border of the EU. The importance of the "Euro-Region Neisse" can be found in its function as a promotor and catalyst of mutual understanding and co-habitation of Germans, Poles and Czechs in the "triangle of states" around Zittau, Liberec, Jelenia Gora and Görlitz.},
 keywords = {Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Federal Republic of Germany; Polen; Poland; Tschechische Republik; Czech Republic; Sachsen; Saxony; Grenzgebiet; border region; Ungleichheit; inequality; Siedlungsstruktur; settlement pattern; Bevölkerungsentwicklung; population development; Euroregion; Euroregion; Deutschland; Germany; historische Entwicklung; historical development; Tourismus; tourism; DDR; German Democratic Republic (GDR); Minderheit; minority; ethnische Beziehungen; ethnic relations; Einwohner; resident; Dienstleistung; service; Böhmen; Bohemia; ethnische Struktur; ethnic structure; Kontakt; contact; soziale Beziehungen; social relations}}