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@article{ Lienau1999,
 title = {Ostmakedonien-Thrakien in Griechenland: Entwicklungsprobleme und Entwicklungschancen eines europäischen Peripherraumes},
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 urn = {},
 abstract = {As a consequence of remote site and the characteristics of the regional structure of East Macedonia and Thrace in NE-Greece the perspectives of development of this peripheral region seem to be bad. They are lying -that is the opinion of the author, based on long term research work in that region and especially a research work which was sponsored by the Volkswagen foundation- in a combination of small scale agriculture, an industry which based on agriculture and other natural ressources of the region and tourism which doesn't destroy the basis of the development. As a basis the manifold nature with is plenty of threatened species of plants and animals and its architectural testimonies of a long history is concerned. If it is accepted, it demandes a policy of regional development which differs from the actual. How a concept like this for East Macedonia and Thrace with its special ethnical structure is transferable to other peripheral regions in the EC with similar characteristics has to be proved.},
 keywords = {Griechenland; Greece; Wirtschaft; economy; ländlicher Raum; rural area; Peripherie; periphery; Entwicklungsgebiet; development zone; Umwelt; environment; Wirtschaftsstruktur; economic structure; regionale Entwicklung; regional development; Geographie; geography; internationaler Vergleich; international comparison; Landwirtschaft; agriculture; Forstwirtschaft; forestry; Lebensstandard; standard of living; Bevölkerungsentwicklung; population development; regionaler Vergleich; regional comparison; tertiärer Sektor; tertiary sector; Infrastruktur; infrastructure; Markt; market; Bevölkerungsstruktur; demographical structure; Industrie; industry; Tourismus; tourism}}