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@article{ Schilling-Vacaflor2015,
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 abstract = {This article analyses the background to and the content of the Peruvian
prior consultation law - the only one enacted in Latin America to date - and its regulating
decree. In contrast to the widespread conception that prior consultation is a
means for preventing and resolving conflict, it argues that this new legislation will
not help to transform conflicts as long as the normative framework itself is contested
and the preconditions for participatory governance are not in place. Establishing these
preconditions would result in state institutions capable of justly balancing the diverse
interests at stake; measures that reduce power asymmetries within consultations; and
joint decision-making processes with binding agreements.},
 keywords = {legislation; Interessenkonflikt; Latin America; Protest; Menschenrechte; Gesetzgebung; say; protest; indigene Völker; Mineralölindustrie; indigenous peoples; intercultural communication; Peru; Wirtschaftspolitik; Peru; Mitsprache; Partizipation; human rights; economic policy; interkulturelle Kommunikation; conflict of interest; conflict management; participation; Konfliktregelung; petroleum industry; Lateinamerika}}