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%T Авторский курс "Комплексная система подготовки учащихся к итоговой аттестации по математике за курс основной школы"
%A Kozlova, Elena
%J Koncept (Kirov): Scientific and Methodological e-magazine
%D 2014
%K integrated learning system; final examination; additional education
%@ 2304-120X
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-432639
%X The article discusses the need to improve the methodology of modern students learning mathematics. The author analyzes the results of the experimental teaching for two years, which is based on a comprehensive system of learning based on a synthesis of the implementation of the basic educational program and the supplementary education to students.
%G ru
%9 Zeitschriftenartikel
%W GESIS - http://www.gesis.org
%~ SSOAR - http://www.ssoar.info