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@article{ Greenwood2007,
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 abstract = {"AR is not just one more social science “method”; it is a fundamentally
different way of conducting research and social change work together.
Participation in AR is not just a moral value but essential to successful AR
because the complexities of the problems addressed require the knowledge
and experience of a broad and diverse array of stakeholders. I argue that
there is no one ideal form of AR and that what is useful is situationally
dependent which is also why AR cannot respect or operate within the disciplinary
boundaries or departmental structures of academic. For these
reasons, Morten Levin and I prefer to call our work “pragmatic AR”. To
complete the paper, I present two cases, one from industry and one from
community development, to show how I practice pragmatic AR in context." (author's abstract)},
 keywords = {Aktionsforschung; action research; Handlungsorientierung; action orientation; Pragmatik; pragmatics; Stadtentwicklung; urban development; Wirtschaft; economy}}