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%T The influence of decision heuristics and overconfidence on multiattribute choice: A process-tracing study
%A Selart, Marcus
%A Kuvaas, Bård
%A Boe, Ole
%A Takemura, Kazuhisa
%J European Journal of Cognitive Psychology
%N 3
%P 437-453
%V 18
%D 2006
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-401498
%X In the present study it was shown that decision heuristics and confidence judgements play important roles in the building of preferences. Based on a dual-process account of thinking, the study compared people who did well versus poorly on a series of decision heuristics and overconfidence judgement tasks. The two groups were found to differ with regard to their information search behaviour in introduced multiattribute choice tasks. High performers on the judgemental tasks were less influenced in their decision processes by numerical information format (probabilities vs. frequencies) compared to low performers. They also looked at more attributes and spent more time on the multiattribute choice tasks. The results reveal that performance on decision heuristics and overconfidence tasks has a bearing both on heuristic and analytic processes in multiattribute decision making.
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