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@article{ Selart2009,
 title = {The issue of design in managerial decision making: leadership and human resources perspectives},
 author = {Selart, Marcus and Patokorpi, Erkki},
 journal = {Problems and Perspectives in Management},
 number = {4},
 pages = {92-99},
 volume = {7},
 year = {2009},
 issn = {1810-5467},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {It is argued that the design of decisions is a process that in many ways is shaped by social factors such as identities, values, and influences. To be able to understand how these factors impact organizational decisions, the focus must be set on the management level. It is the management that shoulders the chief responsibility for designing collective actions, such as decisions. Our propositions indicate that the following measures must be taken in order to improve the quality of organizational decisions: 1. The identity of the people, involved in organizational decision making, affects the quality of decisions and should be taken into account in the design of decisions. 2. The decision maker or designer of decisions should engage the members of an organization to create a shared vision. 3. Getting the members of an organization to express and share common values should improve the decision making process. 4. Being able to socially influence the members of an organization, or other stakeholders involved, as well as letting them participate in the process, should improve the quality of decisions.},