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@article{ Mitof2013,
 title = {Analyse de la variabilité de l'écoulement liquide de la riviere Buzãu dans son secteur inférieur},
 author = {Mitof, Iulian},
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 urn = {},
 abstract = {Buzau River is one of the most important tributaries of Siret river. The lower section of Buzau river is situated in an area of low plain which undergoes an active subsidence. The characteristics of the river’s water flow were analysed on the period between 1956 and 2011, by considering the values of the mean flow measured 
at the two hydrometric stations situated in the river’s lower section, Banita and Racovita. Mean water flow variability analysis in the lower section of Buzau river shows its fluctuations on annual scale and the multiannual trends for a 56-year time lapse in a region that is vulnerable to the flood risk. The great flows variability is caused by the irregular rainfall distribution over time which is specific to the eastern part of the Romanian Plain. These oscillations are also reflected in the variation of Buzau river annual mean flows that present a drop for the analysed period. Although there is a strong correlation 
between the discharges measured at the two stations, a loss of water is observed downstream the Banita station, meaning a reduction of water 
resources in an area frequently affected by drought.},
 keywords = {Rumänien; Romania; Fluss; river; Naturkatastrophe; natural disaster; Messung; measurement; historische Entwicklung; historical development; Umweltfaktoren; environmental factors; Qualität; quality; Umwelt; environment}}