%T Niscov Basin boundaries
%A Bogdan, Adriana
%J Cinq Continents
%N 8
%P 205-219
%V 3
%D 2013
%K Boundaries; Nişcov Basin; Watershed
%@ 2247-2290
%~ University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography
%> http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-382885
%X The first step in analyzing the spatial organization of a river basin is to establish its present boundaries and possible developments of space. The most important component of the system, by which it is achieved, is the orographic delimitation; the watershed is carried out first 
on the alignment of high altitudes on the whole northern (Ciolanu Hill) and southern (Istriţa Hill) hilly area. Only in the west and east are distinguished two deep areas: an old saddle 
(Poiana lui Roman) and respectively, the lane of Buzau valley, where are the terraces and lower valley. They are related to the evolution of the region started with the end of the Pleistocene 
and continued in Holocene period.
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