@article{ Iosif2013,
 title = {Contributions to geosites perception in the Iron Gates touristic area based on some in situ analyses},
 author = {Iosif, Daniel},
 journal = {Cinq Continents},
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 abstract = {Geosites are relief forms with a scientific, aesthetical, ecological, economical, and cultural 
value, in respect of human perception, that completes the total heritage of a given territory. In the last decade, those geosites were strongly related with the touristic phenomenon. This paper 
presents an empirical study about some most important geosites of the Danube defile in Romania. The point of view from which the analyze is made concerns the opinions of the tourists presented 
here in the summer of 2011. Consequently, we have made practically 105 questionnaires in situ and we have extracted some of the special questions among them. The results indicate the tourists’ opinions about the actual touristic phenomenon in the Danube defile.},