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@article{ Atanasov2013,
 title = {Old/ New Identities - the Case of Macedonia},
 author = {Atanasov, Petar and Simoska, Emilija},
 journal = {European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities},
 number = {3},
 pages = {40-52},
 volume = {2},
 year = {2013},
 issn = {2285-4916},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {In this paper we will begin with the argument that identities are subject of permanent change. In these processes we will stress the importance of the used resources and the impact of governing structures in constructing someone’s’ collective identity. We will then argue that the processes of authoritarianism may also support the change of identity. Even more, manipulations with identities needs and feeds on authoritarianism. Also, different aspects of national identity of Macedonians will be elaborated: ethnic, religious and the reinvigorated myth of Alexander of Macedon. All of these will be shown as part of contemporary Macedonian identity. Rationale for the arguments we can locate between the ideas of what one think it is and the contingency of what one can become.},
 keywords = {multicultural society; ethnocentrism; Ethnizität; post-socialist country; ethnicity; politische Kultur; identity formation; Identitätsbildung; identity; collective identity; Identität; political culture; Mazedonien; Macedonia; Autoritarismus; multikulturelle Gesellschaft; nationale Identität; kollektive Identität; authoritarianism; postsozialistisches Land; Ethnozentrismus; national identity}}