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@article{ Atanasov2012,
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 abstract = {In this paper the main issue of analysis is the prosperity of the multicultural model and its sustainability in course of the practice and debates. The reality showed that it is difficult to bit the nation-state and the liberal model of democracy and what are reasons for that. Also, can multicultural democracy be viable? And if not, where the multicultural model can be streamlined? Current trends show that the multicultural democracy is hard to build and sustain. The arguments of the paper are that the multicultural model is not sustainable visà- vis the nation-state and the ruling majority within society and that the ideal model of multiculturalism is usually transforming itself into an ethnic democracy. Macedonian example shows that when different cultural groups cannot commonly agree on power-sharing arrangements the model lean towards ethnic democracy.},
 keywords = {multicultural society; political theory; theory of democracy; ethnische Gruppe; Demokratietheorie; nation state; ethnic group; politische Philosophie; Mazedonien; Macedonia; multikulturelle Gesellschaft; Nationalstaat; politische Theorie; political philosophy}}