%T Le Sahara marocain: désenclavement et développement durable
%A Chmourk, El Mahjoub
%J Cinq Continents
%N 1
%P 4-17
%V 2
%D 2012
%K Moroccan Sahara; opening-up; sustainable development
%= 2012-05-07T16:57:00Z
%~ University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography
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%U http://cinqcontinents.uv.ro/2/2_1_Chmourk.pdf
%X The enclosing of the Moroccan Sahara results from the inversion and old situation. Indeed, during a very long time, the area was a way of passage, a platform in the south of Morocco. In testify the Tran-Saharan commercial routes, which were the main transportation routes back in time, like the goal of integration of the area in the country and compared to western Africa. It is with the economic crisis, and even a political crisis causing a fold on itself of this area until 1975.Since Sahara belongs to Morocco, it still profits a considerable public effort to carry out its opening-up and its economic insertion within the country. Massive investments carried out by the State give to the area the structuring which it missed. Which are the aspects of the Sahara development? Which role played the State in this development? The intervention of the State contributes to bring effective solutions to the problem of the opening-up of this surrounding space?
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