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%T Territorial planning that is reflected in ecotourism in the province of Córdoba
%A Onea, Dragoş
%J Cinq Continents
%N 3
%P 232-243
%V 1
%D 2011
%= 2012-03-28T12:34:00Z
%~ University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-290514
%U http://cinqcontinents.uv.ro/1/1_3_Onea.pdf
%X "At the local level to search for potential resources could effectively capitalize. This is in addition to a set of rules that facilitate cooperation with EU institutions, consulting specialists and rural centers. The agro-ecological pattern into province of Córdoba became a real and effective alternative to destructuring the agricultural landscape of the autonomous region of Andalusia. In the case study Alojamiento Rural Yanem Centro Educatión Medioambiental in ecological agro-tourism practices relating to accommodation, food and environmental space are applied using ground and green building techniques. Constructions are based on bioclimatic and organic materials are used for this." [author's abstract]
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%9 journal article
%W GESIS - http://www.gesis.org
%~ SSOAR - http://www.ssoar.info