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%T Traffic accidents, deaths and alcohol consumption
%A Arranz, José Maria
%A Gil, Ana Isabel
%J Applied Economics
%N 20
%P 2583-2595
%V 41
%D 2009
%K Alcohol Consumption; Traffic Accidents; Fatalities; Traffic Measures; Alcohol Taxes
%= 2011-04-04T12:43:00Z
%~ http://www.peerproject.eu/
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-241576
%X The main goal of this paper is to analyze the relationship existing among prices of alcoholic beverages, alcohol consumption and traffic fatalities for the Spanish Autonomous Communities during the time interval 1998-2002. Among the main results, we highlight a positive correlation between alcohol consumption and traffic mortality rate. Basically, governments implement two kinds of policies to reduce the traffic mortality rate. One is oriented to control the supply of alcohol by increasing alcohol taxes. The other is oriented to preserve traffic security, increasing the number of sanctions for traffic rule infraction. We find evidence that both policies exert a positive influence in the reduction of traffic fatalities. There is no empirical evidence to indicate that being a novice driver increases the tendency to be involved in a mortal traffic accident.
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%9 journal article
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