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@article{ Dietzenbacher2009,
 title = {International Convergence and Divergence of Material Input Structures: An Industry-Level Perspective},
 author = {Dietzenbacher, Erik and Hoen, Alex R. and Los, Bart and Meist, Jan G.},
 journal = {Applied Economics},
 number = {26},
 pages = {3337-3344},
 volume = {41},
 year = {2009},
 doi = {},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {This paper analyzes whether international material input structures have converged or diverged over time. Pooled variances for 25 industries were obtained from OECD input-output tables in constant prices for nine countries over the period 1971-1990. It is found that high-tech industries were mainly characterized by divergence of material input structures, whereas convergence was found for many low-tech, more mature industries. In line with studies on (labor) productivity growth rates, convergence of material input structures was prevalent in the 1970s, while divergence dominated in the 1980s.},