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%T From CRIS to CRIS: integration and interoperability
%A Hornbostel, Stefan
%E Asserson, Anne Gams Steine
%E Simons, Eduard J.
%P 29-38
%D 2006
%I Leuven Univ. Press
%K Current Research Information System (CRIS); Scope
%@ 90-5867-536-X
%= 2008-10-20T12:40:00Z
%> https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-23722
%X Developments in technology, science policy and within the science sector itself have meant that there is both an ever increasing supply of research information and also an ever increasing demand for information for a variety of purposes. This has led to a blurring of the boundaries between information for the research process, evaluation for a public reporting and benchmarking for control processes. It is, however, not always possible to carry out new data surveys to satisfy the growing need for information without damaging the science system. Decentralised CRISs (Current Research Information Systems) geared to various different tasks can take on these tasks if they do not remain restricted at locally or within a sector but instead gain greater scope and usability through interoperability.
%C Leuven
%G en
%9 Sammelwerksbeitrag
%W GESIS - http://www.gesis.org
%~ SSOAR - http://www.ssoar.info