@article{ Carrion-i-Silvestre2007,
 title = {Stochastic Convergence amongst Mexican States},
 author = {Carrion-i-Silvestre, Josep Lluís and Germán, Vicente},
 journal = {Regional Studies},
 number = {4},
 pages = {531-541},
 volume = {41},
 year = {2007},
 urn = {},
 abstract = {In this paper we investigate the convergence process experienced by the Mexican states covering the period 1940-2001. Our analysis indicates that misleading conclusions can be obtained if the presence of structural breaks is not taken into account when testing for the presence of (stochastic) convergence. Thus, after allowing for structural breaks evidence in favour of convergence, in terms of real per capita GDP, is found both using unit root and cointegration tests. Empirical evidence shows that economic convergence has changed along time with mixed effects, although changes were toward convergence in majority of cases, consistent with stochastic convergence.},