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La estructura mítica del pensamiento social

The mythical structure of social thinking

Fernández Christlieb, Pablo


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Weitere Angaben:
Abstract The paper asserts that social or collective thought build the thinking structures in which they take their own shape as it happens, for example, in historicity. In the same way, social thought builds structures that are 'prior to history.' These make possible to explain their own appearance, in notions like that of 'causality.' Myths are presented here as the widest of such structures, & mythical structures are certain shapes, orientations, numerations & paths within a space typically taken as 'heterogeneous,' which is different from the scientific notion of an 'homogenous' space. It is claimed, finally, that everyday understanding thoroughly uses mythical structures of thinking.
Klassifikation Sozialpsychologie
Freie Schlagwörter Myths; Structuralism; Concept Formation; Reasoning; Social thought; Heterogeneous space; Homogeneous space
Sprache Dokument Spanisch
Publikationsjahr 2001
Seitenangabe S. 11-30
Zeitschriftentitel Athenea Digital: Revista de Pensamiento e Investigacion Social (2001) 0
Status Veröffentlichungsversion; begutachtet
Lizenz Deposit Licence - Keine Weiterverbreitung, keine Bearbeitung