@article { Isoldi2017,
title = {Contextual analysis of nursing assistance to a person with HIV/AIDS },
author = {Isoldi, Deyla Moura Ramos and Carvalho, Francisca Patrícia Barreto de and Simpson, Clélia Albino },
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url = {http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-53488-3 },
abstract = {Objective: To analyze the context of nursing assistance regarding the person with HIV/Aids. Method: The use of Hinds, Chaves and Cypress’s context perspective, which highlights the four interfaced layers: immediate, specific, general, and meta-context. Results: The process of taking care of a person with HIV/Aids is an area of nursing that comprises a set of actions that are little appreciated in the hospital context, prioritizing technical actions. In such a context, nursing will only be able to reach full autonomy when caretaking is eventually regarded as a privileged sphere of the health sector. Conclusion: It is important to emphasize that despite the advancements reached in nursing assistance, there are still a lot of challenges to face and a lot of difficulties to overcome. Still it is safe to say that caretaking is undoubtedly the main characteristic of nursing.},