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The Short- and Long-Term Effects of the Authoritarian Regime and of Nazism in Austria: the Burden of a 'Second Dictatorship'

Kurz- und langfristige Effekte des autoritären Regimes und Nationalsozialismus in Österreich: die Belastung einer 'zweiten Diktatur'
[journal article]

Botz, Gerhard


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Further Details
Abstract This article considers two types of right extremism in Austria’s history: Nazism and the preceding ‘Austro-Fascism’ that tried to resist Nazism. By first considering the roots of ‘Austro-Fascism’, followed by how Austrians reacted to Nazism on social, political and economic levels, the author identifies the ‘victim myth’ found in Austrian history after 1945 and is able to uncover how the post-war period was impacted by and tried to distance itself from Austria’s long relationship with German nationalism and two dictatorial pasts (the authoritarian dictatorship of Dollfuß and Schuschnigg, and the Nazi regime). The article is structured as follows: 1. ‘Austro-Fascism': Interlude and Austrian Symptom, 2. Impacts of the Nazi Dictatorship (1938-1945), 3. National Identity and the ‘Victim Myth’, 4. Reconstruction of the State, Inconsistent Denazification and Continuities, 5. The ‘Long Durée’ of the Nazi Heritage, 6. Conclusion.
Keywords Austria; Nazism; fascism; Austro-fascism; authoritarian system; dictatorship; national identity; denazification; collective memory; coming to terms with the past
Classification General History; Social History, Historical Social Research
Free Keywords "victim myth"
Document language English
Publication Year 2016
Page/Pages p. 191-213
Journal Historical Social Research, Supplement (2016) 28
Issue topic Gerhard Botz - Zeitgeschichte zwischen Politik, Biografie und Methodik: Gewalt und Nationalsozialismus in Österreich im 20. Jahrhundert
ISSN 0936-6784
Status Published Version; peer reviewed
Licence Creative Commons - Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works